Adopting A Puppy!

I’m a mom to more than just plants now! Meet Tobie!

I found myself in a Humane Society the other week and accidentally fell in love with a litter of puppies. I thought after seeing the puppies and having to wait two weeks until they were ready to take home would allow the desire would die down… but here we are a month later.

I adopted this little man and he is two months old and such a light in my life! Tobie is a Hound Mix but it looks like he has a lot of Beagle and Bassett Hound in him. He currently loves sleeping (which I am thankful for), meeting strangers on walks, playing with everything he isn’t supposed to, and digging (the hound dog in him is showing).

I am learning the ropes of raising a dog by myself, and it has been challenging but very rewarding as well. I am ready to watch him grow and I hope you will stick along for the ride with me!

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