Maybe Quarantine Wasn’t That Bad…

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the entire world was seemingly in a state of panic. It’s so daunting having to spring straight into the unknown and figure out life changes on a whim. For me, I had to leave Liberty University and go home to Indiana before finishing my sophomore year residentially.

In the midst of the unknown and fear, I learned a lot of things and lessons while in quarantine for the beginning weeks. Here we are, seven months into a pandemic and I’ve compiled of positives that came from isolation:

First and foremost, I learned how to longboard. I have always wanted to be one of those cool skaters that use a piece of wood on wheels as a method of transportation and now I AM HER! I was afraid that this would just end up being a quarantine hobby, but a few months later and I still really enjoy skating. Surprisingly, I haven’t fallen which is surprising considering I am the least coordinated person.

I learned how to have fun by myself. I went from being with my friends at University all day everyday, to living with my parents in a new state, alone. I was able to find ways to get off of my phone, get outside, and have fun with no one else around. I went on daily walks, had picnics in my backyard, DIY’d (a lot), played with my dogs, and most importantly – I rested!

I wrote a few more songs! I genuinely don’t know who I would be without music (that is so cliche). It was so refreshing to have a bit of time to use my brain energy solely for creative purposes. Maybe soon I will release my quarantine art!

Although COVID-19 and quarantine has taken a toll on everyone and put a halt on life, I am working to find the positives in the midst of the unknown. I have used these past seven months to self discover and get creative. Take it one day at a time and remember that it’s okay to not have it all together.

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